The second small game hunting begins soon

The second part of the small game hunting will begin on Sunday 31/8, and day two is on Sunday 09.07. Last day is Sunday, 14/9.

It is a big event here. Anyone can go out in the woods and try to find small game ie birds of various varieties to hunt. The men begin days before and sort camouflage clothes and polish their boots. Then they roam in the fields from sunrise to sunset.

One should be careful these days if you want to go out in the mountains. You never know where a hunter will pop up and accidents can happen.

They can not hunt closer than 500 m from the settlement and whether any hunter would come too close to the house you can call the police. They are some that may be too excited and forget themselves but usually it is enough to say no.

Shortly before the hunt begins a map is printed in all newspapers, inc. the English, showing which areas are open to hunting. Do not forget to study it before you trot out on the trails during those days, so you will not end up in the Cypriot crossfire.




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