Orange in North Cyprus

Citrus fruits are deeply rooted in the history of Cyprus and has a unique position in its nature and life. The orange was called “the golden apple” in ancient times. There are numerous varieties of oranges in Cyprus, including Jaffa, Washington and Valencia, they are the best known and most widely consumed species of orange. Many Cypriot parents want their children to eat oranges in the winter to protect them from flu and colds. Fresh orange juice has become a phenomenon among healthy breakfasts. North Cyprus creates unforgettable moments and colours to the lives of local islanders and visiting tourists with the annual increase and variety of beautiful traditional festivals.

Since 1977, the Orange Festival, organized by Guzelyurt municipality, has been the venue for a festival originally celebrated the orange north cyprus

It has now expanded and during the festival week performed various concerts, competitions and art events.

The festival involved schools, local business organizations and dance troupes, and the city is decorated in an orange theme. Booths, is also set up at various locations around the country, offering orange juice, resulting in greater meaning and color to the festival.

The festival takes place between 27th June and 27th July and lasts about two weeks, starting with a parade through Guzelyurt. This is followed by a full calendar of events, which occur principally in the main square. These events include art exhibitions, folk, pop concerts, pageants and music performances.

As the name suggests, the festival is also a great opportunity to taste the world famous Cypriot oranges.


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