The north Cypriot woman and my agony


The women here are very independent. They work, take care of the house, children and husband, and they look after themselves very carefully. Looking good and well groomed is very important. There are strict hygiene rules before a visit to the mosque and the cemetery that comes from religion, and this also applies to men.
All women often go to the hairdresser both to color and cut their hair, but also to get it washed and blow-dried, and the removal of unwanted hair growth.
It is cheap here so it’s something they do both for ease and to save time. Perhaps also to relax for a while. Most salons also offer nail care and waxing for a good price.
My friend, the eye specialist, thought I should embrace my femininity and gave me a nice eye pencil as a gift. Today I have to go into town and of course I visit the clinic for a cup of Kahve (coffee) and a chat. Thought I would use the fine eyeliner pen she gave me, so that she would be happy.
Said and done, eyeliner on, and my eyes looked very nice, but how should I dress to embrace my femininity?
Realizing that my beloved camouflage pants are not very fancy, I decided to have a dress when the weather is so fantastic.
I happened to look down at my legs and. no no no this won´t work. So I took out the epilator for the first time this spring.
After some agony my legs were acceptably smooth and fine, OK ready. But the dress was sleeveless, well then the epilator got to work some.
After a bit of fuss I was ready to go, it had taken one and a half hour more than usual. If I had allowed myself to go to a salon it would have taken 15 minutes. So I will do in the future.
Well, I was happy with myself, and felt very nice, and my friend thought so too.


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