The harbor early one morning

Girne harbor, also known as the most beautiful harbor of the Mediterranean, is full of different types of boats that can take you out to sea.

The price (which has been the same since 1999) includes food and a nice relaxing day on the sea, where you can swim, sunbathe, eat and drink. The food consists of sputtered chicken or fish, and various meze (small dishes).

The boats go out at approx. 10.30 and comes back around 16:30.

Back in the day, when I had my boat there were only a few boats in the harbor. Neptune and Barba Ross were the names of the two largest boats, and they looked like pirate ships. At this time, there was a guy who worked at one of the boats, who sometimes when we were out at sea climbed, like a monkey, high up on the mast and jumped several feet before he hit the water. Sometimes it went well but sometimes it happened that he got pretty injured. We thought it was too dangerous for just trying to amuse tourists …

Our boat was the only one in the harbor where you could sit at the real table and eat lunch, and we had a large sun deck. This morning, when I went on a nostalgic trip around in the harbor, something that does not happen very often, I stopped and talked to some of the boat owners and some of the captains. Many of the boats were full of excited tourists longing to get out to the warm blue sea.
Girne_batagare_boat_owners_harbour_north_cyprus_norra_cypern kaptener_Girne_batagare_boat_owners_harbour_north_cyprus_norra_cypern

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