The Cacao; on it´s way to becoming a global brand

A new and unique idea has become the first local franchise company
in Northern Cyprus.
This risk adventure is a great success in terms of growth on such a small island, and in such a short time. The two parties decided to create something special, a new and unique concept, worked for several months with a group of people who are experts in their fields, and came out with the idea of “The Cacao“.
The first Cacao opened 23 July 2012, west of Girne center, with an eye-catching logo of a green apple with dripping chocolate, that can not be missed.
After the rapid success of Cacao five additional franchise businesses opened across North Cyprus with the best locations; Lefkosa, Güzelyurt, Magusa, Bogaz and Lapta.
Cacaos tablet menu is easy to use and displays hundreds of different choices of food and drink by simply touching the screen and follow the guidelines.
The food selection includes burgers, pizzas, homemade pastas, veal, wraps, steaks, risotto, chicken, salads, entrees and seafood. Brasserie and dessert options are: breakfast, croissant and pastries, cup cakes, grilled sandwiches, fondue, ice cream, cakes, waffles, soufflés and macaroons.
Beverage menu also offers many options such as alcoholic hot and cold coffees, milkshakes, beer, drinks, fresh juices, smoothies, spirits, coffee and tea. You can also order all as take-away, except the soufflé.
The Cacao produce their own waffles, sauces, cake, fruit puree and chocolate mousse and uses no semi-manufactures such as frozen pastry.
Jean Pierre Wybauw, a 72-year-old “fine-master chocolatierand teacher, is a consultant for The Cacao which is an honor for both the restaurant and North Cyprus. Mr. Wybauw is a world-renowned name with many awards, and he travels all over the world and teaches at universities, consults in many large companies, and it really sounds like a dream to have him here. When he visits the island, he teaches the staff how to make the absolute best chocolate.
The Cacao will now open two new branches in Erbil, northern Iraq and Adana, Turkey. Aiming to total six branches in Iraq and five in Turkey, including the cities of Adana, Mersin and Gaziantep, in the space of a year, The Cacao is on its way to becoming a global brand.


Cacao_restaurant_glassbar_norra_cypern_magasinet_north_cyprus_franchise_apple_chocolate_pastry_tarta  Cacao_restaurant_glassbar_norra_cypern_magasinet_north_cyprus_franchise_apple_chocolate_cake

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