The boardwalk extends

Lapta is a very beautiful place with dramatic mountain scenery and gorgeous, unobstructed views of the ocean with no unsightly obstructions of large hotels that destroy the views, which is unfortunately the case in other nearby villages.

The Mayor of Kyrenia has long wanted to bring back a traditional feel to the village and much of the EU grant has gone into putting Lapta back on the map by building stone walls, which were so traditional here once. A large part of the grant has gone to build a boardwalk that now extends from Sardunya Bay and Beach Cafe to Sunny Beach.

People today use the promenade for walking and jogging, but the idea is to add benches and palm trees to also be able to sit and enjoy the beautiful view in the sun or shade.

The project is now beginning Phase 2 of the development and will extend further down the coast. Where the walk way ends today next to Sunny Beach will they connect a bridge that goes across the ocean. It will extend past Silver Rocks and end at Rosy’s Palace.

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