Technology – freedom or slavery?

Yesterday morning, I threw myself out of bed to get to my water aerobics class, where for once I was on time as it’s a long drive. When I reached a third of the way I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone and I started to feel anxious and restless.

I still had a while left of the road so I started to think about the situation with cell phones, computers, dryers and everything else we now take for granted. It’s funny how quickly you get used to everything, especially things that make life easier.

I remember my first computer, I was the first among my friends with a 386; the latest model. As we were about to experiment with it. The Internet was not so developed then and no one had heard of broadband. But we were happy and satisfied despite crashes and long waits.

Now I lose the plot if it takes more than a few seconds before a page is loaded and if it’s malfunctioning we just hand it in to be repaired. Being without a computer is so frustrating, no news, no Skype and completely shielded from the world! I can leave the computer for one or more days when everything works well, because I know I can use it if I want to!


Mobiles have made it so ​​that we are accessible all the time. We know that if something happens, you can immediately call or be called. I wondered if it is really so necessary, how did we survive before? Why did all these strange feelings go through me when I discovered that the phone was not there? Before mobiles we used to agree to a certain time and place to meet, but today we call every five minutes if the person isn’t there and wonder if they are going to turn up. What a stress! Here we live in a land of sun and with lots to look at and philosophize over and what do we do? Check our mobiles every two minutes.

In the past, when I was sitting in a place waiting, I spent time observing people and watching life go by. One time I was interrupted while waiting with several police cars pulling up outside the bank I sat next to. A large number of armed police officers with their weapons drawn stormed the bank. Suddenly everything came to a halt; the bank had large glass windows so I could see everything from my front row seat. The policemen looked around confused while the bank staff and customers with surprised looks on their faces stared at the police and wondered if it was a movie set.

It ended with police leaving the scene shortly after. I found out that it was a misunderstanding. A lady had been run over by a cyclist outside the bank. It went well for the lady but the guy got fined for reckless riding. I had a good laugh, I can say.

Another time I bought some prawns and went and sat on the edge of the canal where it was a bit cooler. I amused myself by watching the Paddle boats and kayak’s going back and forth. Suddenly a well-dressed man came in suit and stood on the steps next to me and began to undress. He stripped down to his boxers, jumped into the water, swam calmly around and waved cheerfully to the people on the toad.

He soon came out and said: “It was so hot I could not resist,” puts his suit back on, takes his briefcase and off he goes. I sat there with my mouth open, wondering what happened. Today you do not see things like this so often.


In the case of other modern conveniences, I do not have many of them, no hair dryer, coffee maker, microwave oven or bread maker, not having the latter provides a great workout for my arms.

However, I have do have a TV but I do not watch it much, my spouse has a craze for these Turkish soap operas.

I think we should introduce a technology free day so that we can feel free and unreachable. Though it’s probably not a good idea really because I think everyone has got used to it so much that it would only lead to stress and confusion. But it’s a fun thought.


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