TC culture goes global

The colourful culture and traditions of Turkish Cypriots were displayed before thousands of spectators at international folk festivals.

Folk Arts Foundation (Hasder) Star Team represented the TRNC at the second International Folk Meeting Malopolska in Poland, winning the Mr and Miss competition with Hasan Cıyaslıoğlu and Nisan Erkan receiving the most votes on social media.

The team of 16-year-olds were among 10 teams who were cheered along during their Cyprus Folk Music performance on the “Music of the World” night. They also captivated guests during a “Tastes of the World” day when they baked hellim, minced meat and olive breads, with people lining up for recipes.

A “Harvest and Henna” dance show was also performed by the TRNC youngsters.

At another event, the Joint Culture and Training Centre (Oksem) joined the first international festival of popular arts “The wreath of Friendship” in Belarus.

The group from the TRNC was among 19 countries represented at the event and put on three shows in different outfits to reflect Turkish Cypriot culture for a several thousand-strong audience.

Participants called on all cultures to “live peacefully in a world without war”.

At a third major event, 26 people from Girne Municipality Folk Community attended the International Folk Festival in Macedonia which is organised by the Unesco Folk Festivals and Folk Arts Organisations’ International Council.

Members of the Lefkosa Folk Association (Folk-der), including 20 dancers, six musicians and two directors, also travelled to France to join the 28th International Folk Dance Festival.


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