Swedish radio visits North Cyprus

Last week North Cyprus had a nice visit from the Swedish radio channel Scandinavian Travelradio, which makes the travel magazine UTKIK! Program leader Svante Strömberg spent a week in North Cyprus where he travelled around and visited places like Famagusta, Iskele and Nicosia. Four interviews were scheduled, including one with the former UN officer Willy Lindh, who currently lives in Cyprus and works as a guide. The interview took place at Lord’s Palace Hotel in Kyrenia. New Cyprus Magazine was there and met Svante who told us that he loves North Cyprus with all its beautiful scenery and nice people. The week here had only offered positive impressions. We also learned that it is not the first time Svante visits North Cyprus. Already in 2013 he was here to travel around and interview Swedes on behalf of the same radio channel. The radio program’s target audience is 50+ and they love calm and beautiful destinations like North Cyprus.

You can listen to Svante Strömberg’s previous interviews from 2013 on the link:

The program with Willy Lindh will be broadcasted on Scandinavian Travelradio at the end of May. It will also be posted on the web page through the link above.

Swedish radio visits North Cyprus
Svante Strömberg and Willy Lindh.

Swedish radio visits North Cyprus


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