Sunburn – fooled again

This time I am aiming my arrows at the cosmetic industry

I cannot refrain from interfering in the debate on the influence of the sun regarding the impact on the body regarding health. I was born in the 30’s. At that time we tried to get as brown as possible during the short summer. We played outside and were in the sun as much as we could. Skincancer was an unknown problem. It hardly existed. Nobody was talking about it at all.

What is the reason we have so much Melanoma today?

When I was 9 years of age I learned how to make gunpowder. Black powder. The ingredients were fairly common products: Sulfuric powder, nitric fertilizer and charcoal. Sulfuric powder could be a bit difficult to obtain, but not impossible. Each one of these are not dangerous on its own but the mixture makes  gunpowder. The gunpowder we managed to produce was not very effective, but it popped a little. Charcoal on its own will not pop, Neither will nitric fertilizer or sulphuric powder.

What I’m trying to prove is that a mixture of  different components may produce a  combination effect. This is even more true in the field of health. We know that combination effects, or cocktail effects do exist: Different drugs (medicinal) together may cause illness. different medicines together may produce dangerous effect.

In the case of Melanoma the combination of Chloride, Fluoride and UV is the culprit.

In one tube of toothpaste with 1 ppm of fluoride there is enough poison  to kill a baby. If the concentration is 10 ppm, you can kill 10 babies.


Chlorine comes with drinking water from the tap (chlorine is quite unnecessary for cleaning water. Holland uses, for example, no chlorine). To chlorinate water in order to exterminate bacterias is a cheap and outdated and careless methode for treating water. Besides it contributes to Melanoma. 1/3 of the cause.

Fluoride is a waste product from the aluminum industry. Taking care of waste costs money.   Some smart criminal mind figured out the solution: We shall rig a survey stating that where there is natural fluoride in the water people have less caries. (One can rig a survey and obtain any result). After that we go to the media and imagine people that fluoride in the water will decrease caries and hence the dental bill.

Result: Many authorities in the USA believed this and add fluoride to the water. The dental industry scented money and got most of the dentists on their side. Today it is difficult to find toothpaste without fluoride. Dental rinses with ‘extra fluoride’ are plentiful.

How come we have ended up in a situation like this? Greedy industries have seen the possibilities to make big money by first scaring people – Show the ‘salvatio’ and make money.

Selling expensive sunscreen with a high protection factor is a very lucrative business.

How many of the surveys on UV radiation and melanoma are funded by the cosmetic industry?


Use toothpaste without fluoride. Never use dental rinse with fluoride. Fluoride has almost no effect on caries, 0,5%

Why don’t people in Africa have melanoma? Pigment of course. That is what we believed.

There are statistics showing that African Americans have more melanoma than the rest of the Americans. How come? Because they get all the toxins that all Americans get. For example fluoride and chloride.

In Canada there is an intensive debate on fluoride in drinking water, which can be followed on the internet.

Install a filter on your tap. Install another filter in your shower. If you shower for 20 minutes  you will absorb the same amount of chlorine as when drinking 1,5 liters of chlorinarted tap water

Sunscreens will often turn cancerogenic when exposed to sunshine. What can we do to protect the skin from drying out? Try some olive or sesame oil.

As I heard in a Swedish radio program on the internet, (I live in TRNC), one should not get burned. A little burning is not the end of the world. In the 40’s we got burned every spring, The important thing was to limit the burning, and peeling, in order to get a dark and even tan.

Be in the sun as much as you can. Avoid the expensive sunscreens. Let the sun flow over your body and give you health. The sun is the basis of all life. How can one get the idea that it is harmful? If one makes money on it of course.


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