Summer’s on the way

… and it’s going to be a scorcher.

Temperatures of up to 35.4℃ during the past week signal a very hot summer ahead, according to Met men. Hotter-than-average temperatures are expected to return to the TRNC after a sizzling few days that saw the mercury rise up to 11℃ higher than usual for mid-April and sent crowds flocking to the beaches.

Meteorology Department head Raif Ilker Buran said he expected to see more scorching temperatures and no rain during the next three weeks. Mr Buran said 35 had been recorded in inland areas and 27℃ on the coast during the past week, compared with norms of 24℃ and 22℃ respectively.

“This year we have seen temperatures higher than normal, beginning in February, when there was a three-degree increase over previous years. We also expect the summer to be hotter than usual.”

Man and woman on beach

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