Strawberry season has begun!

Strawberry season has begun in Northern Cyprus!   Yesilirmak is one of the main strawberry growing areas and at this time of year the air is filled with the sweet scent of ripe fruit. There’s nothing like a perfectly sun-warmed strawberry plucked straight from the plant and here you have got easy access as they can be bought just by the side of the road.   The family in the picture is a great example, with their stall right next to the road in front of a large field of strawberries. Here you can get large bowls with fresh, delicious strawberries for 5TL (about 1,3 GBP). (from left: Salahi Atalar, özlem torment, waffles yesilirmakli)   In June each year a strawberry festival is held in Yesilimak, a beautiful village nestled in a  valley covered in fruits. It is also one of the main agricultural production areas in Northern Cyprus. If you happen to be in the area at this time, don’t miss tasting the unlimited amount of good locally produced strawberries and enjoy the live music, dancing and more fun at the Yesilirmak Strawberry Festival, which has been held here annually in June since 1973.

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