St. Andrew’s church is open to all

St. Andrew’s church in Kyrenia is one of two Anglican churches in Northern Cyprus. The church is located on the hill on the way up from Kyrenia castle and has stood here since 1913. St. Andrew’s church is part of Cyprus and the Gulf States and it is also a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

St. Andrew’s church is open daily to the public and welcomes everyone, whether you are a tourist or live here permanently. The church is very popular among foreigners as well as local Cypriots. Every Sunday everyone is welcome to attend the church service which is held at 10.00am. After the service, refreshments are served in the church hall. During weekdays they also organize group activities such as choir singing, prayer meetings, Bible studies and theatre. They also have regular singles events.

The church is self-sufficient but also additionally supports various charity projects on the island; therefore it is always in need of public support. If you want to contribute your time, give financial support or help in any other way, the church welcomes it warmly.

For more information about the church and to see the task schedule, please visits St. Andrew’s website at

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