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Every now and again, a new business is launched that takes the title as “the most innovative and efficient organisation”, defining leadership on performance at an international level – Soydan Group is that business.

We believe the success of Soydan moving forward at the rate of growth, in North Cyprus, shows an innovative and professional approach to the business and most important to its customers. “The customer always comes first”, is successfully displayed in their unique style of competence, for their discerning clients, favoured from both sides of the island.

Soydan Group Director, Ismail Soydan, says: “It is my pleasure to be part of creating an organisation around a trustable brand-name and reputation. Our rent-a-car motto ‘happy cars – happy customers’, speaks for itself,” displaying a light-hearted yet professional approach applied to the car rental policy made for happy customers to return time and time again. Ismail envisioned, created and built solid services with a helpful and happy staff which follows another one of his mottos ‘service with a smile’, and it does just that.

So, whether it’s a rental car you’re after, or filling up your car at Soydan’s Petrol stations, or perhaps taking advantage of their supermarkets or car wash, performance is at an impeccable high formula and it’s ‘made in North Cyprus’… Vrumm! Vrumm!

You find Soydan Petrol stations at their branches in Çatalköy, Karakum High Street, Kyrenia City Centre (opposite Colony Hotel) .

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Soydan Group North Cyprus

Soydan Group North Cyprus

Soydan Group North Cyprus

Soydan Group North Cyprus

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