Join the sea turtles’ excavation and release

Now is the time of the year when the sea turtles’ eggs are hatching and their hatchlings descend to the sea to begin life’s long journey. There are many hazards along the way and therefore, the non-profit organisation Society for Protection of Turtles (SPOT) will be on North Cyprus’ beaches the coming weeks to help the turtles.

Visitors are welcome to join and watch when the volunteers excavate the sea turtles and release them in to the sea. Some days the excavations are open for the public without having to make a time-booking, other days you must call SPOT and book your time in advance. The volunteers are very knowledgeable and visitors can get to know interesting facts about the sea turtle and its life.

To find out what times are applicable, as well as to reserve a place for turtle nest excavation, see the organisation’s Facebook page which daily updates you with the latest information. SPOT carries out work on several of North Cyprus’ beaches, including Alagadi and Karpaz.

New Cyprus Magazine has written about SPOT and sea turtles in Cyprus before. To see the articles please click on the links below:

Baby turtles see the light of day at Alagadi Beach.
Sea turtles were released into the Mediterranean Sea.

The photos are from SPOT.

Join the sea turtles excavatetion and watch the turtles get released to the sea.

Join the sea turtles excavatetion and watch the turtles get released to the sea.

Join the sea turtles excavatetion and watch the turtles get released to the sea.


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