Scuba Diving in North Cyprus

North Cyprus welcomes you to one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean and a fantastic underwater world hidden in an unexplored and clean sea.

Photo by Cyprus Underwater Explorers

The crystal clear and warm waters of Northern Cyprus can provide an underwater visibility of over 30 meters. North Cyprus with water temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees has a large variety of marine life. The historical richness of Northern Cyprus is reflected visually in the water’s diversity and you will be enchanted by unforgettable adventures down in the depths. When you are in the right places, you will be able to see grouper, sea turtles, parrot fish, moray eels, octopus, Lichia AMIA, stingray, scorpion fish, sea bream and many other species.

Photo at Scuba Cyprus Dive Center

Dive centres and courses:
There are several professional diving centres in Northern Cyprus; in Kyrenia, Famagusta and Karpaz region. These diving centres with their qualified and certified divers, which speak English, German, French and Turkish, organize daily diving programs for experienced divers. Test dives are also organized for those who wish to join for the first time.

Photo by Cyprus Underwater Explorers

If you are a beginner diver and want to dive for the first time, then you will choose between internationally recognized and certified courses such as PADI, CMAS, BSAC and SSI. After participating and completing the courses, you can get your international degree within 3 to 4 days. More experienced divers can take dive programs such as: Open Water Diver, Dive Master, Night Diving, Search and Recovery Diver. You can find these classes in packages with your travel agent, or you can search and register for these courses directly from your local dive centre.

Dive sites
On the north and east coast of Northern Cyprus, you can find more than 30 different exciting dive sites where you can explore the diverse marine life, with beautiful corals, mysterious shipwrecks and other hidden, historic underwater heritage.

Photo at Amphora Scuba Diving Center

From March to December, the crystal clear and warm sea water in North Cyprus means you are able to dive 10 months of the year. The underwater world of Northern Cyprus awaits you with an underwater visibility of over 30 meters, average water temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, and an incredible variety of marine species in the hidden depths. Some dive centres provide a service throughout the year when the water temperature does not drop below 15-16 degrees Celsius. All qualified dive centers listed below ensure a safe diving experience in North Cyprus.

Legal notice
According to rules for scuba diving in North Cyprus, it is strictly forbidden to touch or remove any historic artefacts and marine life.

Visit the different diving companies below:
Cyprus Underwater Explorers
Scuba Cyprus Diving Center
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Photo by Scuba Cyprus Dive Center
Photo by Cyprus Underwater Explorers
Photo at Amphora Scuba Diving Center
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