Salt rooms – health for body and soul

Halo Therapy, or salt rooms, has come to Northern Cyprus, the room is made ​​up of salt from underground caves in Turkey. The salt is spread on the floor and is sterile with a stable temperature and humidity (ideal in the winter when it can be cold out there). Minera salt contains calcium, Magnesium and sulphates, which has healing properties.

You sit in a comfortable chair and breathe in the salt for about 10-40 minutes and it is recommended that you have treatment for five days, then once a month. Historically it began to treat people in the salt mines when it was discovered that those who worked there were did not suffer from lung diseases to the same extent as others did. People who have chronic diseases, such as COPD, asthma, irritated airways or just have a cold are recommended to come and breathe in the salt.

Dr. Karl Hermann Spannagel discovered that during WWII people who were staying in shelters in the salt mines got relief for their asthma trouble.

The room is located inside a nursery diagonally opposite the power station on the road to Esentepe, call 0533 860 3210 for reservations.

Why not try this odd but very popular form of treatment?

Saltrum_skylt_halsa_norra_cypern Krukor_till_salu_norra_cypern

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