The Round Tower in Kyrenia

For a beautiful cultural experience and a trip back in time, you should visit the round tower in Kyrenia. The round tower was built by the Lusignan’s in the 1300s as part of the city wall that defended Kyrenia against Arab raids. There were several towers in the city walls, all built of stone from an abandoned Roman city located nearby. As the years went by the wall started to crumble and around the 1600s, when the Ottomans established themselves on the island, it was secure enough to build houses outside the wall so there was no need to strengthen it any further.

The wall turned into ruins and the round tower stood as a roofless shell until 1987, when a local businessman received permission from the Ministry of Antiquities to restore the building. Since 1988, the tower has been open as an art gallery to the public. It also sells souvenirs, books, carpets, furniture, crocheted tablecloths, cushion covers, postcards, jewellery and much more.

Many of the designs are inspired by Kyrenia’s beautiful harbour and Karmi’s white alleys. The light that pours in through the fibre-glass-covered roof spreads a beautiful atmosphere within the premises. The circular walls breathe history and it’s a special feeling to be in a tower that has stood here for 700 years.

Opening hours are between 10:00 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday.

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