Riviera Beach Bungalows

Riviera Beach Bungalows is located right on the seafront in the village Karaoglanoglu, 3 km west of Kyrenia.

It opened back in 1979. It was Altay Onuray who started the family business and today it is his son Osman who is in charge of the company. The complex has a fine sandy beach, with bungalows in different sizes, a large pool area and a restaurant with outdoor seating with lovely sea views.

The area is lush and green. Along the water’s edge next to the beach there are sun loungers embedded in greenery, making it easy to find a private place. The trees also provide natural shade and relief from the midday sun. “It’s very clear and nice water here,” says Osman looking out from the terrace.

The guests are mostly Western Europeans. “But not so many Scandinavians have found us yet,” added Osman and laughs. If you book early you can get up to 20% off. Hotel facilities are open throughout the year from 8am to 12pm each day.

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