Rewards; little tips along the way


The sun is strong here, and UV radiation is high. Easy to burn out, become dehydrated or get sunstroke. But with a few simple tricks you can make it all splendidly.

This advice is especially important when it comes to children which are very sensitive.

Always wear a hat and sunglasses when you go outdoors even if there is a breeze. The head quickly become sizzling hot and the brain is sensitive. The eyes can easily be damaged in the strong sun but a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection fixes this nicely.

Use a high SPF as possible to protect the skin, (click here for an alternative view on the subject) especially the first time here. You will still get a tan while using Sun screen but without burning. Burned skin is painful and harmful. If you have sunburn there is no better remedy than plain yogurt. Just rub over the affected area and it will cool you down quickly while moisturizing at the same time. Be generous and add a thick layer to the sore areas.

Living in this hot and sunny climate we sometimes like to indulge in a little extra Ice cold beer, wine, and maybe some cocktails, while the Kids enjoy cold fizzy soft drinks. The heat dries out the body and all the alcoholic and caffeinated drinks drive even more water from the body. We then risk becoming dehydrated which is not a fun experience, and requires, often for children, a visit to the hospital. But it is easy to avoid! Make a habit to, for each cup of tea, coffee, Coke/Pepsi and alcohol, drink a glass of water. Whether you are on an adventure or just strolling along, always carry a bottle of water with you to replenish the depot.

It’s easy to skip lunch in this heat, you might not feel so hungry but your body needs energy! An easy and delicious way to replenish is to drink a large glass of cold Ayran.


Ayran is yogurt mixed with water, a little salt and sometimes also dry mint that makes it even tastier. Ayran is available in all grocery stores and all the restaurants/bars. But it is also easy to make yourself: natural yogurt, about 2 heaped tablespoons in a tall glass, add 1 pinch of salt (or to taste) and fill with cold water, stir vigorously so that the yogurt dissolves and garnish with fresh mint (which grows everywhere, so just pick some or ask the shop). Then it’s ready to drink and helps to keep in the fluid, proteins, and coolness. Now the body has got the energy it needs!

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