Reggae and lovely atmosphere at Roots Bar

Roots is an exotic reggae bar and local watering hole in Tatlisu, reminiscent of the Caribbean or possibly Bali. The warm atmosphere and good reggae get you into the groove and because you feel so comfortable you often stay longer than planned.

At the bar sits the usual regulars enjoying a cold one while a group of youngsters challenge each other to a pool match in the adjacent room. Hannah and Ashley are working hard behind the bar, mixing drinks, cleaning surfaces and chatting with the guests, whom they all seem to know by name.

“Roots have become a gathering place in Tatlisu,” says Hannah happily while she clears some empty beer bottles from a table. “Locals come here in the winter and in the summer we are visited by many tourists who have heard about us through TripAdvisor.”

people sitting outside by the barHannah and Ashley are a young couple from England who met in Cyprus. Both felt that there was not a really good chill out bar on the island, and what could be better than a real reggae bar right next to the sea! It’s been three years since Roots Bar first opened and the place is more popular than ever. The fact that they both love to travel is evident from the bar’s décor and atmosphere. It feels like you are in a beach shack, maybe in Thailand, with a natural bamboo thatched roof and colourful pictures of reggae legend Bob Marley’s smiling face on the walls. In the background play classic reggae tunes and in the garden there are lush palm trees and plants, with soft furnishings dotted around for guests to settle in and relax in the cozy atmosphere. Against a bamboo wall leans a surfboard and in the trees hang colourful lanterns which provide lovely effects at night. Hannah and Ashley have really brought a piece of the world to North Cyprus.

Ashley pooring a pint with Hannah

There is always something going on at Roots Bar and when they have reggae evenings, guests from all over the island venture here. “We vary the music with other styles, too,” says Hannah. On Fridays they always have live music from 9pm and on Sundays it is “Sunset Chill” from noon till 6pm. In addition they arrange walks during the winter months. Roots Ramblers departure from Roots Bar every Thursday at 2pm, they walk together till 4.30pm and afterwards have a drink at the bar. Everyone is welcome to participate and it is the perfect way to make friends if you are new to North Cyprus.

“We have more plans for the summer. Kayaks and bike rentals are some of them, but I will not reveal any more at this time,” says Hannah with a secretive smile.

So when you are passing by, take the opportunity to visit Roots Bar in Tatlisu. We think it’s a unique bar here on the island, both when it comes to the great atmosphere and friendly welcoming. If you read the reviews on TripAdvisor you will see that everyone seems to agree. A perfect place to sit back with your favorite drink, listen to good music and just be.

Opening hours are from 4pm till late.

Hannah at the bar

rum barrel and sign postsoutside roots barRoots are quickly becoming a “second living room.

Ashley holding a catpeople in roots barCosy inside the bar

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