The throw-away mentality has taken over almost the entire western world. Everywhere perfectly usable, and sometimes beautiful things are thrown away. It seems to be too difficult to modify, paint, donate or give away.

The garbage mountains soon grows over your head but we are encouraged to throw away and buy new. It’s easy to get credit and everywhere installment is offered if we just buy. To people stuck in the debt trap (optional), no one seems to care about. The banks always take their profit. Nowadays, most people appear to work to pay back their debt.

When I was growing up we were not poor. Mom worked at the factory and dad in the ship yards, but we had to scrimp on the money. Credit cards did not exist, you saved for new stuff. Loans were taken only for “big” things like houses and cars.

I remember when we purchased new furniture and bedding at home, it was almost like a party. Neighbors, friends and relatives came to visit to view new acquisitions. I settled in my favorite, earflap armchair. It followed me for many years, but finally broke down irrevocably and sadly   I had to throw it away.

Me and my husband have the same attitude regarding recycling. We carve, paint and dress on when needed. Sometimes we can use a thing meant for something specific to something completely different. An old washing machine is a nice fireplace and barbecue, pallets will be floor to our expansion project (wood is expensive here). Cable reels will be tables that we put out  here and there on the forest plot so that you can sit and have a good time while you take in the beautiful nature scenes around us. Sofas and tables is new comfortable terrace furniture.

Sometimes we are surprised by our findings. Things that look brand new, barely used, has simply been thrown out. I have taken some pictures as examples of some of our findings, and our fireplace.

It’s not that we can not afford to buy new, but we do not like to waste. The earth’s resources are limited, and if we want a change, we must start with ourselves. Moreover, one can use the money you save for something fun instead of giving them to the bank.

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Madeleine has lived in Northern Cyprus for ten years now and is a true nature lover. She lives with her husband on a large plot with stunning sea views with the scenery as their only neighbour. Madeleine is a writer for NCM, and writes interesting articles about health care and beauty. Madeleine is also working at an eye clinic and in the summers she leads training sessions in Water aerobics, an exercise she created herself, where you work out your entire body in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. In the future Madeleine will start an organic farm for obtaining guaranteed organic food, as part of the holistic view that a body in balance is a healthy body. If you have any questions for Madeleine, please write to: