Qi Gong, Yoga and Essential Exercise in Northern Cyprus

Last week a course was held at Koca Reis in Salamis, Famagusta. A bunch of Swedes with teachers Ulla Kleberg and Monica Gorschelnik trained Mindfulness Yoga, Qi Gong and Essential Exercise.

It was Ulla’s fifth course here and Monica’s third. It works better and better so now we have booked into the V.20 and V.41 in 2015. Many of the participants have already decided to come back. What they appreciate is the combination of the course, sunbathing and swimming, as well as excursions. The groups are small, making them flexible. We can customize the program to the weather and cultural events, for example we have been enjoying the ECO Festival in Büyükkonuk twice now.

The course is aimed primarily at Swedes but sometimes half the group turned out to be Cypriot and it has been a wonderful meeting. Ulla has plans to expand and have mixed groups in the Girne area, even with other teachers.

During the week, we practice yoga on the beach before breakfast, then Qi Gong and Essential Exercise towards the evening as the sun goes down and in free time we spend at the beach or on excursions.

The excursions this time were to Karpaz, Kantara, Famagusta (inside the walls), and the Thursday market. Some also went to Lefkosa.

“Why I ended up here? I worked as a travel guide 1973-1974 in Famagusta and I have never really abandoned plans to come back and now I feel free to combine it with my current life. I lived for 35 years in Dalarna where I worked as a therapist, Rosen Method masseuse, held courses in Qi Gong, Yoga and Essential Exercise. It’s fantastic to see Cyprus while doing something good for people’s mood, what a lovely combination.”

Monica lives in the same village, Stjärnsund, and has become more and more fond of Cyprus.

Here is a description of the courses:

MINDFULNESS-YOGA – We focus on the breath, sensations and emotions in the body while we make simple and gentle stretching. We try to relate respectfully curious to the body’s limitations in each moment, instead of forcing the body into something or compete with ourselves and others.

ESSENTIAL MOTION – Here there is room for movement improvisation, dance, play, body awareness, stillness, presence and reflective conversation/dialogue. We move to music and in silence and through guided exercises you are given the opportunity to practice listening to and discovering the body’s subtle and low-key signals. Read more on

QI GONG – If you have never tried this type of training before you will be surprised at how simple and beautiful the movements are. The slow flowing movements that make you relax mentally, breathing becomes calmer, deeper, and circulation will start all over. This method is ideal for those looking to get more energy, improve health and to prevent and alleviate diseases. Qi Gong is the basis for including acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

All three methods are ways back to finding yourself and your power. You need no prior knowledge or good physique, you always move on the basis of your own desire and ability.





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