Punishment for my sin!


godis_synd_farfer_norra_cypernAfter my many years in Cyprus I have switched completely to what is offered here in North Cyprus. Food, drinks and sweets become local delicacies. And I find the candy here too sweet, so I don´t have so much of that. Usually I eat dried fruits and the like. I almost never eat pork even though you can now buy this from free-roaming pigs.
But, I have wonderful friends who think of me when they have been in Sweden and bring gifts, that I can not get here.
Sometimes it´s Swedish bacon, Kalles caviar, Marabou Milk Chocolate and the favorite above all; the salt /sweet/ sour/ liquorice candy. The “sinfullygood but unhealthy stuff is what you miss the most!
I have not learned over the years to be moderate either!
A few days ago a friend came home from a visit to Sweden and to my great delight and joy, she had not forgotten me over there. I got big bags of salty bombs and “djungelvrål” among other things The happiness was indescribable!
I chased the husband away on an errand (forgot what), made sure the dogs were happy and resting. Finally I was ready, with the book in hand and the bowl of candy on the side, I crawled into bed.
I Was going to read slowly and enjoy it through all varieties of candy.
Ha, a lust in me took over and I could not get enough. Filled my mouth again and again and enjoyed uninhibitedly until I had eaten the whole bowl!
Then came the punishment! Stomach ache, mild nausea and a pounding heart. I know that sugar shocks and licorice both raise blood pressure and also gives palpitations of the heart (beats). Whew, that lasted for hours, the body has been turned away from these wonderful bads.
This happens every time! I know, but can not help myself, I become like a little child insatiable.
But I‘m just saying that it was worth every minute of pain and I will surely do it again. The enjoyment of body and soul that this transgressing” provides is worth a lot.
It is just because it happens so rarely that it is so special.
Hubby thinks I’m nuts regarding this and do not understand at all. Have tried to explain by saying imagine that you are in a survival contest, and in several months you starve then you suddenly get the chance to eat as much kebab as you want.” Not the same thing,” he says, so I have put off trying to explain, but he gets to go errands or meet friends when I must have my candy orgy.


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