Pregnancy Pop-Up Day: Learn, Relax, Prepare

Pregnant woman North Cyprus

The Centre yoga and shiatsu studio, together with Women Awakenings Academy, invite expectant mums and dads to be, to a day full of nourishment, education and relaxation, with Emma, a pregnancy yoga and a shiatsu therapist; Stefanie, an embryologist and doula, and Georgia, a biologist and an environmental scientist.

What: Pregnancy Pop-Up Day: Learn, Relax, Prepare
When: Saturday, February 11
Where: The Centre, 6 Panayioti Kaspi Street, 1095 Nicosia, Cyprus.

Aiming to help women to connect deeper to their pregnant bodies, the event will also help to answer questions that first time parents may have about pregnancy and birth.

The day will start with a prenatal morning yoga practice to activate and ground participants’ birthing bodies and prepare them for labour.

Yoga will be followed by an educational workshop designed to give practical tools on how to handle the intensity of labour, stay focused and surrender to what is happening during birth.

Going deeper, in the third session participants will learn about the importance of pelvic floor exercises and perineal massage in order to prevent tearing during labour and optimise their body’s recovery after birth.

A delicious lunch will be provided by the organisers, followed by a workshop focusing on how an expectant mother’s partner can support her during labour and find ways to connect deeper to each other through the journey. The afternoon session will cover practical advice on breastfeeding and newborn handling after delivery.

The event costs €35 for the whole day or €10 per session and dads come for free.

For more information call +357-97-873494.

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