Porsche Grand Opening

On March 29 at 15:00 was the inauguration of Tech911 car showroom. It was a red carpet affair with beautifully dressed visitors, live music, DJs, flowing champagne, canapés, Porsche-clad cupcakes, macaroons and much more.

We got the chance to meet the store’s owner, Yalchin Halil and asked what the concept of the showroom was; he informed us that their focus is primarily based on TechArt Porsche cars which are manufactured in the UK.

– Why Porsche cars?

“Because of my passion for Porsche’s and Ferrari’s I will also have Ferrari’s in the showroom.”

– Why do you have an event now and what is it for?

“The event is the opening of our showroom and is also to introduce our two new, TechArt Porsche Cayenne’s.

– Where are the cars produced and where you import them from?

“All of our cars are new and made in Germany, but our Porsches are RHD, bought from the UK. TechArt conversions are built in the UK.

– Do you sell many luxury cars? How many cars do you plan to sell in 2014?

“I do not expect to sell volumes because this is not what my concept is all about. But as a second phase, I will have Ferrari’s and Porsche’s for sale on the upper level of the showroom. The third phase is to be first in Northern Cyprus rent out Bentleys and Ferraris. The fourth phase is to have three private 8-seater jets and offer a taxi service between Istanbul and Ercan for an elite clientele.”

– Wow, that sounds ambitious!

“Yes, I think this is enough for my retirement, do not you?” He replied with a smile.

A few days after the show, we contacted again Yalchin Halil again and he told us: “The show was absolutely fantastic. Approx 500 people attended the event and we experienced a great interest in cars, not just on the day but also after, I sold the black 599 Ferrari the day after,” he said with a hint of a smile.

“Northern Cyprus has not had an exhibition of this calibre so far. I have tried to create an atmosphere of passion and I think that by adding life in the showroom with plants and flowers, I have created this. ”

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