Pizza Vira in Güzelyurt

In 1975 Ferit Cemal opened a buffet restaurant which was a great success with students and locals. Then in September 1992 the establishment evolved into Café Vira which soon after became Pizza Vira, restaurant & bar.

Located in Guzelyurt; the cosy restaurant is well known in town and is a gathering place for locals and students. Pizza Vira is set in a large cosy room that is furnished with nice tables and sofas and you can choose whether you want to sit indoors or out.

People come here to meet with friends and indulge in tasty, well cooked food. Many also gather here to watch football matches shown on television.

They also provide a fast and reliable delivery service. Opening hours are from 8am to 12pm Monday – Saturday and from 4pm-12pm Sundays.

Tel: 444 34 34

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