Pet care tips for the summer

A happy dog

Cyprus Greens – Citizens Cooperation’s Animal Welfare and Protection Office recommend that animal owners should be extremely cautious with pet care in the upcoming summer months.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Cyprus Greens reminded owners that they shoulder the responsibility for the welfare of their pets and should at all times;

  • Ensure they have adequate water at all times, especially when they are left alone.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for their care in the event of the owners going on holiday without their pets.
  • Refrain from leaving pets in closed cars as they could die from heat stroke.
  • Choose morning, evening  hours for their walks (and of course clean up after them)
  • Be informed about dog-friendly beaches and avoid using crowded beaches.

The Animal Welfare and Protection Office of the Cyprus Greens-Citizen’s Cooperation will be available to offer assistance to pet owners whenever needed.

Cyprus Greens – Citizens Cooperation have requested from the new Parliament to examine their demands for creating  organized dog-friendly beaches, removing the restrictions that ban dogs from beaches all year long and creating an animal police.

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