What better way to see Northern Cyprus’s natural beauty, than by seeing it from thousands of feet above the ground, spread out beneath you as a whole? With a cool gentle breeze that sweeps through your hair and with a friendly instructor guiding you along the beautiful sandy beaches, this is an experience that is hard to forget.

There are several different companies that offer tandem display flights of Northern Cyprus. Do not worry if you have never done this before, your fully qualified, professional pilot and instructor will calm your nerves and be with you every step of the way, including giving you instructions on how to take off and land.

For those who want to fly solo, it is advisable to seek out a professional company, who in turn will submit the information to the authorities. It is best that you also contact a local guide before you fly because there is a risk that you may accidentally fly into a military zone. Paragliding gear is available for rent at several different companies, for example. Highline Air Tours ( and it is possible to take up to four separate flights per day, if the weather permits.