Pain in the joints

Aches and Pains are among the worst things there is and many painkillers have side effects that we tolerate to avoid pain.

Up till forty I did not think much of my health. At that time, at 40-45, my joints started to ache; especially my fingers and they started stiffening. After a few months I could not make a fist, the pain was unbearable. I remember my mother telling that this illness was hereditary on the male side of our family.  The only thing to look forward to was painkillers. What a future!  I still remember my grandfather and his suffering. He was a carpenter but was hindered by his severe articular rheumatism. He went to the nearest town for treatment but they didn’t have a cure. I remember he had a hammer with a special shaft. He could put the shaft into his half fist. Then he could hold the hammer and hammer in nails. The efficiency was very low, but it kept him occupied. (We had no TV at that time). He passed away at 63 with his body full of aches and pains. Thinking of my uncle wasn’t any more encouraging, even his motor apparatus was stiff and aching. He passed away at the age of around 70; however he did not suffer as much as his father.

At that time I met my present wife.  She had thrown away all her allergy medicines with the accompanying medicines for the side effects.

We discussed my joints at length and we decided to stop using milk products of all kinds. We had not drank milk for a long time, but used milk and cheese in sauces, cakes, cheese for  breakfast and other milk products.

Full stop for milk

After some 3 weeks the pain started to decrease rapidly and I could move my fingers again. After, say, a couple of months, I had full mobility in all my joints.  The state was consistent; 40 years after the milk stop I still have full mobility in all my joints

Do we drink milk now?  Absolutely not!  From where do we get our calcium? Is a standard question, many people are encouraged by the authorities and the doctors to drink a lot of milk in order to get calcium and strong bones. Nothing could be more wrong. Nobody can get calcium from milk after breastfeeding.  Yes, all milk contains calcium. Cow’s milk is good for the calf but bad for a baby. Cow’s milk contains calcium but also proteins. To break down these proteins calcium is required and more calcium than the milk actually supplies. The body will therefore have to take calcium from the bones in order to break down the proteins from the milk. In that way the milk causes osteoporosis.

From where do we get calcium?  We get it from dark green vegetables like broccoli, Brussel sprouts etc.

If this should happen today, having today’s knowledge, I would of course remove the milk but also the wheat, but that is another story.


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