Our olive tree

My name is Carina Haganius and I am married to Per Haganius. I will now tell you how we ended up in North Cyprus.

Just over a year ago I could not take it anymore, I didn’t leave my apartment and I took sick leave. It was lucky for me, for it was then that the change in my life began. Slowly I took myself out of the depression, met people who inspired me, taught myself to love myself, to say no to the things that don’t make me feel good, try new things and say yes to pleasure.

A few months ago Per saw an ad about inspection trips to North Cyprus, and he asked me if we would go. I protested and said we’re not going to buy a house in Cyprus. No Per said, but it’s a cheap way to go on vacation. Okay, I said, because I had started to practice to say yes to new things.

We fell for the climate, the nature, the people and bought an apartment here. We also met the family Kristensson, who work with Sunny Cyprus Homes, who has shown us the country and inspired us to try new things and given us opportunities to participate in the life here in Cyprus.

We just returned home to Sweden from Sunset Hills, where our flat is located, and Kyrenia. We have chosen furniture for our apartment and had a good time. We have planned and researched for the trips we plan to organise from Sweden this spring. These trips will be organised by “Livsviljan” (the will to live). We consist of three women who met and soon realized that we wanted to help each other to develop and feel better. We believe that the greatest pleasure is when you can love yourself fully. Which is not so easy for many people. We want to help people to have dreams and keep them alive. When you believe that you are worthy of getting the best, it is much easier to realize your dreams. To have communication with other people, so that they can realize their dreams. This has given us so much and now we want to share our knowledge with others. We have training in pedagogy, rhetoric, yoga, gigong, medical care and health. We create networks that support and give each other feedback. We coach and inspire.

These trips will consist of enjoyment, learning, discussions, coaching, yoga and boat trips, combined with inspections tips by Sunny Cyprus Homes, for those who are interested. It can also be combined with walks etc.

There will be opportunities for companies to have conferences and trainings. We are also planning for courses in Cyprus for those who live there permanently. It is so exciting for me with all the possibilities that lie ahead.

We have now gotten our own olive tree in front of our house. I was so happy when I saw it, the tree symbolizes a life where I leave all the ‘musts’ and take in more pleasure in my life.

We have also had the opportunity to become owners of a boat, which is located in Kyrenia’s harbour. Per and I are going to say YES!

Now I have a flow in my life and I’ve gotten pretty good at trying new things and saying yes.


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Was born and raised in London and first came to North Cyprus as a child where he lived for two and a half years. The Island left a long lasting impression on him, for after travelling the world and experiencing many different cultures and ways of life, Cyprus was always there. Sal, as his friends call him, has always had a passion for Art & Design and studied the subject for over ten years and resulted in him specializing in the design and production of contemporary furniture. He has worked in this field for twenty years now. After not having visited the Island for fifteen years he followed his heart back to North Cyprus, where he’s lived for the last four years. Now Sal works on a creative basis for NC Magazine.