Our excellent electrician

Our car and generator electrician’s name is Selcuk and is located in Çayırova outside Yenı Erenköy in Karpaz.

I live in the Esentepe area which is quite a bit to drive to, but when I call he comes as soon as he possibly can. If he has lot of work it can take up to two days but often if it’s an emergency he come a.s.a.p.

He works seven days a week and covers a big area. You have to call him and see what he says.
He handles all kinds of electric problems for cars, knows all about generators and house electrics. He doesn’t do household stuff like baking machines, coffee machines and such, but if the problem has to do with the house he´ll fix it. He also does computerised car diagnostics.
The most interesting is his prices, they are modest and you can always talk about it with him. The only non-negotiable prices are for spare parts, they cost what they cost. He’s one of the straightest guys I met here (in that business).

We are very satisfied with him and can warmly recommend him.
His mobile number is: 0533 831 22 96 or 0533 843 48 30.

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