Ottoman theme continues in Girne Municipality Art and Culture Days

An Ottoman spectacular at Girne Amphitheatre on Tuesday evening saw the Ankara State Theatre play to an audience of over 500 in the first drama event of the seventh Girne Municipality Art and Culture Days season.

Girne Municipality also announced a new agreement with the troupe which will see them perform one play a month in the town.

The two-act tragedy of power and intrigue featured Ottoman drums, oriental music, a splendidly costumed Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, his glittering wives, rival princes and advisers, and won a ovation from the audience.

Victory or Death by Orhan Asena starred Okan Şenozan as the grief-ridden Sultan and Meltem Baytok as Hürrem Sultan, the doomed mother of rival sons and heirs.

Next on the agenda is a 9pm Tuesday, July 18 performance of Doves without Wings by the Theatre ASHK (Love) which is sponsored by the TRNC President’s Office. Tickets are priced at 15TL and available from Girne Municipality or on the door on the night.

The third theatrical evening is scheduled for August and will feature Istanbul City Theatre’s performance of the 1977 Haldun Taner two-act play Uproar in the Moonlight which they themselves premiered decades earlier. In an unusual twist, the actors end the play abruptly at the end of the first act while others planted in the audience begin to heckle and encourage audience to criticise the ending. The performance is then repeated during the second act but with a wildly different plot.

By Anne Canalp for Cyprus Today

Ottoman theme Girne Culture Days

Ottoman theme Girne Culture Days

Ottoman theme Girne Culture Days

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