Chinese SUV’s takes North Cyprus by storm

Oscar Motors unveils the top Chinese SUV’s yet – 4×4 compacts – available in North Cyprus. Unlock the power – the SUV with a future by Oscar Motors.

Discover new ways of living
North Cyprus’ newest Chinese SUV dealership Oscar Motors, is a market leader and happens to be a very exciting motivator of practicality of future style of living. Oscar Motors appears on the best seller list of this years’ top importers.

The Oscar Group of Companies evolves with future thinking and momentum. Oscar is a big fan of North Cyprus’ tech ventures and exciting innovations. Over the next decade the ideology is to grow into one of the most important vehicle importers from the Far East.

Always on the look-out to create brand new marketability, their ‘supply and demand’ buzzword is a SUV compact jeep. By welcoming new challenges in consumer branding the company’s initiative is to contribute to the growth of global business in North Cyprus.

As in Europe, SUV’s continue to grow in demand here. Excited by the introduction of the brands DFSK Glory, Landwind, Rasko and Baic, these compact new import promises big performance. China’s productivity has resulted in the success of the competitively priced compact jeep successfully expanding from its home market to worldwide markets, including our island.

The explosion of the Chinese car market, with a staggering 28 million new cars registered last year, China has statically become the worlds most powerful authoritarian, now twelve times larger than the British car market. Economic development is an important factor in building a proper land of opportunity and it is what Chinese Automobile manufactures have set their sights on.

This extraordinary compact SUV ticks all boxes:
Roadworthy – appearance – performance – safety features – warranties – affordability.
All this with finance available.

Thanks to the brainchild of the director of Oscar Motors, Oscar rings the bell bringing this cool ‘island-get-around’ to North Cyprus. The spokesman for Oscar Group says: “We have been extremely interested in the Chinese jeep brands and have paid close attention to it for some time. A strategic goal for Oscar’s Group is to become the branded leader of the latest models of SUV’s in North Cyprus.

“Acquiring a bestseller is to acquire a global brand platform for North Cyprus, enabling us to learn more about the Chinese and international motor markets. Henceforward, the Chinese SUV has enabled us to reach this goal sooner by bestowing a bestseller to our company portfolio.

“Ultimately, our expectations of a Chinese jeep automaker was the right next move for projection. China is one of the most powerful countries in the world of purchasing and investment. Given current consumer trends the global SUV markets could grow to between 33 to 35 million vehicles annually, taking priority placing in todays growing consumer trend for Far Eastern technology and prices.”

You can visit their website for a full overview with informed data, specification and info or pop in for a test drive today, you’ll be glad you did. End of year campaigns with major discounts on all vehicles.

Contact Details: +90 548 858 90 10
The location of their showroom is shown below.

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