Order the liver plate at Köfte-Ci

The simpler the place, the better the food, is usually the case for the most part in terms of the local cuisine. Köfte-c is no exception.

The small restaurant opened seven years ago in Girne and is run by Sami and his daughter Betul.

Sami specialized from the beginning in köfte (minced meat patties). Since the liver supplier in Girne passed away Sami started to make and serve the liver plate himself and nowadays it is the most popular dish since he is the only one in Girne that has it on the menu.

All dishes are served with fresh and pickled cucumbers with a thick and creamy yogurt.

We can highly recommend both the liver plate and köfte in pita bread.

Opening hours are 8:00 till 15:30 Monday to Saturday.

0392 815 35 30
0533 8670047 Delivery service

Address: Türkmen sokak Çaıskan Firini Yani, Girne (See map below).


Köfte in pita bread


Liver plate


Sami and Betul


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