Orange Festival in Güzelyurt!

For the 42nd year in succession, Güzelyurts Orange Festival starts again on Friday. As last year and as usual there was is grand parade, with the mayor in the forefront traveling through Güzelyurt and ends at the great festival site. On site there will be many visitors and last year we got the feeling that half of Cyprus was there! In the market stalls you could buy beautiful souvenirs, try your luck at archery, eat kebabs and other tasty local foods and of course taste the deliciously sweet orange juice, freshly squeezed from local oranges.

Güzelyurt is Northern Cyprus’ main citrus district, which harvests one million kilograms of oranges every year, and the annual orange festival each summer is the highlight of the year.

This year’s festival (which in Turkish is called Portakal Festival) will take place from 28th of June to the 7th of July. Each day will offer a packed program with famous artists and local talents, with performances to suit all ages. The Orange festival is a great festival and a must to visit!

Friday evening’s opening ceremony will be held at the big stage we you will be treated to a fire show and traditional Cypriot dancing, and the evening ends with a huge fireworks show which surely could be seen all the way from Nicosia.

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