Open markets

All major cities, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Iskele and Guzelyurt, have open markets on different days of the week. The Great Market Hall in Nicosia is open every day except Sundays and they sell all sorts of products.

The markets in North Cyprus are nothing like the large covered bazaars in Istanbul where the air is filled with exotic spices and fragrant oils, nor do you need to put up with constant harassment by the stall holders to try/buy their products. The markets here are much more like those in Central Europe, where local growers of fruits and vegetables are selling their products.

The open market in Kyrenia is held on Wednesdays and is always well visited. The range of products is amazing regardless of the season, and the freshest and most juicy vegetables are those that are produced here in Northern Cyprus. Carrots, cauliflower and broccoli are grown all locally and tastes amazingly good. The first cauliflower ever exported to mainland Europe were grown in the valleys here in Northern Cyprus.

The market here is never quiet, every stall holders shout out their goods, they compete with each other for prizes, and who can shout out the most.

Here they have everything from beautifully citrus, strong red tomatoes and peppers to purple eggplants, colors and variety of the beautiful fruits and vegetables are really worth a visit.

The prices in the markets are very cheap and the quality of products is very high. Tomatoes eg really tastes tomatoes, as they did in England about 50 years ago.

There is also a hardware stall selling garden tools, pots, knives, etc. And of course there are stalls selling olive oil (usually in old whiskey or raki bottles) eggs, cheese, meat etc. Whichever city that is closest to where you live or visit, there is a market day that you shouldn´t miss!

Right now it’s the season for artichoke.







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