Omrum Pharmacy in Esentepe

In Esentepe we have our very own pharmacy. It is located along the main road just before the exit to Esentepe if you come from Girne / Kyrenia. The girl who owns and runs it, Omrum, is an energetic lady. Before she decided on pharmacology as a career she studied for a Business Degree in the United States. This has resulted in her speaking very good English and is very customer oriented.

She worked for several years with her mother in her pharmacy where she learned a lot, but took it a step further by studying pharmacology at Near East University, where she after 5 years became Master of Pharmacy.

In addition to running the pharmacy, she has a little daughter, who is so sweet, and resembles her mother a lot. If you are lucky you can meet the little lady at the pharmacy where she sometimes is with her mother. Sometimes her husband takes over so that mother and daughter can get some quality time together.

Omrum is a very knowledgeable lady; she can provide sound advice on many areas and can also refer you to a doctor if necessary.

Sometimes we have long discussions about alternative therapies that she is interested in. Sometimes it is not the natural products I’m after but then she comes up with local natural alternatives which are beneficial and really interesting for me.

She has a wide variety in her pharmacy with almost everything for the body and soul, and what she doesn’t have, where possible, she will order for you.

Phone number is 0533 8251125 and is open every day between 09:00 and 18:00 except Sundays when it is closed.

During major holidays, it’s just the usual Sunday that they are closed; otherwise they are open most holidays.

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