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Odessa Beauty Salon

NCM, interviews Lena & Ogün Olay ~ a powerful partnership.

Odessa’s Medical Aesthetician ~ Lena Olay and her partner Ogün Olay, Ophthalmic Surgeon met and spoke with NCM to voice their glamorous opinion about the world of beauty. A complete beauty regime that comes with integrity!

“The science of beauty in evolving layers”, says Lena Olay.
“Beauty in its format is not something informed by culture religion or color. Beauty is beauty, and should reflect everything related to your aesthetic and your world, this requires some smart sense and sensitivity, in a world of technology cultivated by women for women”. We won’t argue with that powerful opening statement, Lena the owner/director of Odessa, continues her deep thought process, “when it comes to improving our looks, there is a changing perspective for the way we think, social media has created an enormous paradigm shift of how thing’s work in the world and due to sourcing of new advanced technologies, a sign of thing to come”.

Portrait of a perfectionist with a different perspective.
‘Odessa Beauty’, she continues, is a trademark for image and I wish to communicate this message to my customers. We expect good things from the beauty industry – we expect honesty, real results, and monumental beauty”. I asked if her products and beauty services do everything we expect? She answered, “you see, we set out only to work with exceptional results. There’s no fly in our ointments. Our wide range of advanced beauty treatments speak volumes for today and now”. She laughs, and continues “behind some of the finest awe inspiring looks of beauty today, lies a great beautician with little or no notoriety, but a career we adore. That’s commitment and dedication to our industry”. Looking at the range of specific treatments in the beauty rooms, one can’t help but feel the redefining end results will be more than successful, even brilliant.

Fact: Odessa is making a beauty noise – a niche adornment in itself a design signature

With the refined elegance of a beauty salon ambiance and an elegant manner, personalised services await to tend to your every need. “A healthy mind are results of a healthy body.”

And she says, looking up, “I don’t know any woman exists who does not want to wave a magic wand that works wonders, and we invest in this desire to improve our beauty, beautiful, is a desire we all have”. Remarkably, Odessa herself rarely points a polished toe out of place, she’s always poised and elegant, she’s got the look!

“Time to cast a spell across the land, with the latest trends!
Flying the flag, at the refined house of Odessa Beauty, clearly came naturally to Lena, her co-associate is her life partner and husband, with a career of honors in flying colours, his medical expertise a major input to the world of aesthetic beauty.  Holding positions in ESCRS, Head of OSSNC and MAAO, is flying colours together as husband and wife of a similar industry. She said, “I never imagined, joining forces with my husband”, in the world of aesthetics and beautifying, they combine a forceful image. Tweaking a fruitful co association, image untarnished, turns out to be a successful blend. The complexity of advancement, is vital, and we regularly up-date ourselves on international techniques advancement by attending seminars and researching to learn and bring our clients winning formulas. I know how personal and unique an experience it is, and to achieve the highest levels of personal decision and choice is so very important”. Continues to finish, “I do not plough products on you, says Lena, when a customer engages in initial consultation with responses, we want to hear their heart and mind to speak, this will trigger my imagination, and make a difference together.”

Dedicated to the magic ingredients of style.
The fashionable elements of beauty reflect a fine passion dedicated to the world where beauty meets creation. A woman’s outlook is recognised as a concoction of an inspired formula universally accepted. Naturally, a born gifted, is conveyed in the idea of understanding design and always moving on. Odessa today, has its finger firmly on the beauty pulse, while always respecting the wishes of their clients. She shares with me “working all out, my partner and I am convinced, you can work hard and very seriously and not take yourself so seriously”. Lena finishes, “maybe there’s a lesson there for all of us to learn,’ smiling she stands up and walks away to prepare for her next client appointment. Lena’s future is brighter.

It’s all about the ‘wow’ factor, soul of architecture, sleek looks, haute couture beauty designed to perfection.

A fashionistas success profile is all about the ‘wow’ factor tweets the social media!

Sparkle and Shine
The definition of success & beauty, image of imageries, influences, universal fashion cultures, add a little more glam to your life, edgy but classy, avantgarde or classic, urban to street or military influences, whatever you are, make the most of yourself, without jeopardising your individuality, ahead of trends use your own style and spirit!

About Odessa Beauty:
The Meet Point: A world where creative beauty meets lifestyle changes with Lena’s poised signature.

Lena Olay, explains how her husband, Ogün, is a local Turkish Cypriot, proud credentials of 11 years under his belt studying in the medical field. Accomplished professionally, a career of 16 years specialising in eye surgery (laser eye surgery) and six years in cosmetically applied medicals. Specialising separately incorporated successful careers yet synchronisation of their individual careers under the same umbrella, is to bring their dream to light. Pro-active, building strong bridges to new horizons, creatively defy time, a corporation continuing to, effectively, complete the picturesquely beautiful picture.

A world where creative beauty meets lifestyle to be more beautiful!

Clients’ are offered a fully loaded product line, including medical eye surgery combined with cosmetology to dermatological beauty treatments and remedies, to bring health and beauty together with the newest beauty technologies bring all the answers to achieve the perfection women desire to achieve more more beautiful.

Home To Special Medical Aesthetics, Beauty Methods & Cosmetic Remedies

– Fillers
– Mezzo-therapy
– Blepharoplasty
– Facial therapy
– Renew skin cells improve regenerate

Languages Spoken:
Turkish – English – Greek – Russian

Odessa Beauty Salon

Odessa Cosmetic Beauty & Aesthetic Team:
Medical Aesthetician ~ Lena Olay
Lazer Soprano  ~ Sabrira İbragimova
Beauty Technicians

What they do:
Beauty Products ~ Promotions ~ Services

~ Promotions ~
# ‘She’s Got The Look’ Gift Cards
# Order three services online and receive a 10% discount
# Laser epilation:  Soprano’s the next generation of latest hair removal.

~ Services & Medical Aesthetics ~
# Botox
# Temporary smoothing of facial winkles and improving your appearance.
# Skin analysing, cleaning and treatment.
# Healthy skin – Starts with a commitment to a regular skin care regime, using high quality products every day.
# Eye contour care – Pay attention to the necessity and the eye area an treat it diligently.
# Lazer epilasyon by Soprano.
# Eyebrows and Staining – Improve and design your face professionally! Our professionals aim is to beautify your eyebrow maximising the most suitable shape to your face.
# Microblading & Eyebrow (tattoo)
# Massage – Find serenity and take away the stress and strain of everyday life, for lifestyles constantly on the move, or just to enhance your day, we have the perfect reward with our Body Treatment Programming – Relaxing, healing, energising and beautifying.
# Body Care – Hard work? Not any more, learn how to take good care of the skin your in, with Odessa Beauty Treatments.
# Make Up – All our make up, is professionally used by make up artists. Odessa make up products cover all of your beauty needs from lip color to mascara, nail treatments and more.
# Wax Treatments – Let your skin breathe, with the newest techniques for best results.
# Nail Art – Create amazingly beautiful nails, with artistry, nail-art design produced by Odessa. Jels, Nail Design and Bio-Gel.
# Manicure & Pedicure – Having beautiful nails is less a matter of luck, more a matter of caring, naturally. Pamper your nails for well being.
# Dermatologist Pedicures – A specialised dermatologists pedicure, is the perfect way to relax and treat your feet to much-needed care and attention they deserve (complementing foot ailments).

~ Beauty Products & Brandnames ~

  • New even – Oxygenates, renews, and revitalises the skin of your face with instant results.
  • Shining line – Protects, whitens and brightens
  • Polivitaminic line – Vitamin treatment enhanced with stem cells.
  • Sensitive zul – Prevents irritation and soothes calms sensitive skin.
  • Regul oil – Regulates and normalises sebum, production, eliminates shine and impurities.
  • Vital line – Moisturises, soothes and balances.
  • Excellence – Nourishes and regenerating action with cells oxygenating and revitalising effects.
  • Total Hydrating line – Double moisturising action with both immediate, long-lasting effects.
  • Effective line – Global solution against cellular ageing.
  • Services pack for men – Energising treatment. production, freshness and comfort.
  • Concentrate line – Professional concentrates.
  • Natural Sol line – Solar line that protects and tans; nourishes and moisturises the skin.
  • B&Firms – Firms and nourishes the skin.
  • Algas Rojas – Drains, reduces cellulite and fat all over the body.
  • Anubis
  • Dr Murad
  • Mesauda
  • Barbara Bort
  • Thuya
  • Sleek
  • Biologique Recherché
  • Christina
  • Teoxane Dermotologic

Contact Information:
Address: Reşat Ebeoglu sok. Okay Apt. 3 D.  1/şa
Lefkoşa – Nicosia / North Cyprus

Open hours:  08:30 – 20:00

T:  + 90 392 227 0416
M:  + 90 533 862 7968
M:  + 90 533 836 1756
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Odessa Beauty Salon  Odessa Beauty SalonOdessa Beauty Salon  Odessa Beauty SalonOdessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon Odessa Beauty Salon

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