North Cyprus homeless

Here in north Cyprus there are no homeless people, instead there are some homeless cats and dogs. They a good time here when the population put out water and food for their four-legged friends. Cats and dogs running loose in the community has always been a part of north Cyprus. Some people believe it is part of the charm and others think the opposite.  nort-cyprus-homless-dog

There are several animal organizations that take in homeless animals, such as Kyrenia Animal Rescue with over 200 cats and dogs, and they have different campaigns to save and put a stop to a rapid increase of homeless animals. An ongoing cat castration campaign captures and take the cats to the vet to be neutered, and when they have recovered from the surgery they return to the place where they were picked up to continue living like stray cats.

Where possible, people get asked to keep an eye on them and report any incident to the KAR. Although it is not an ideal solution, it is a reasonable quality of life and helps dogs and cats so they won’t be suffering with pain. KAR also encourages restaurants, hotels and resorts to put up “feeding sites” where you can put down food and water for the cats in the area. This will help to stop the cats that interfere restaurants.

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