No ordinary pumpkins this Halloween

October is coming to an end and with it approaches the darkest time of the year. As a small light at the end of the tunnel comes Halloween that lights up the darkness for a weekend. Pumpkins can then be found spread out from the dining table to porches and public places but now with a slightly new look.

In Louiseville, Kentucky, the light shines for several weeks. It is the annual Halloween festival Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular that is accounting for the light. Since 1988, families have joined the festival where a ¼ mile long display of pumpkins in cool shapes awaits.

One of the artists participating in the festival this year is Edward J. Cabral, who has created amazing pumpkins in patterns far from the usual scary face. The Beatles, Martin Luther King and the first man on the moon are some of the motifs that can be viewed. He explains that he starts the production of the pumpkins by first painting the artwork with ink, after which he begins to cut out parts of the pumpkin where light may shine through, as in a beard for example. You can see more of his pumpkins here, or visit his website by clicking here.

pumpkin-carvings-halloween pumpkin-carvings-halloween-wave

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