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Okay, so it was that time again and I have been so good for almost three years. I have really fought, but then I fell into old habits. What can I say, I should have a sponsor as soon as I leave my house and get behind the wheel.

It’s really not easy to resist, many will agree with me. True, I have done any research into this so I do not know if there is any cure, but I should at least try, others have managed, haven’t they?

What do you do to you turn the other cheek, close your eyes? However you do it, I don’t know. I always have with me food and water in the car just in case I see a poor sod out there who needs help and I have, on a daily basis given the needy both food and water.

On this day, which was Boxing Day, I sat at home cosily in front of the open fire and beamed when I discovered that the cat food had run out. In the afternoon I first went and bought more canned food and then drove to my pharmacy, I went in and took my time, how nice it was not to have to rush around.

When I came out, I felt that there was something or someone following me, so I turned around and what did my eyes behold? Well, a little puppy. Help!

I looked naturally around and ask the girl who works at my hairdresser if it is her puppy? No, I am told, someone dumped it here two hours ago!

It is a daily occurrence with both, large and small, young and old dogs! That is why most of us have at least three or more dogs. If there is anyone who would like to adopt a dog please contact me so you get more information.

Why didn’t I go out in the middle of the day? This was now my seventh dog! “Okay,” I heard myself say to the girl when I took him home. The girl smiled and said thank you and then more people came out of the building and to give their thanks.

There must be a reason for everything we do, right? Tell me it does!

His name is Boxer after Boxing Day, and I can safely say that my older dogs are not particularly fond of me seeing as I have come home with a new addition to the family. Tess (2 years) is probably the most happy about the new playmate, the others thinks he is too busy.

Yes, so now I have a new puppy with all the responsibilities that entails!

I will probably never learn, but I have crazy fun every day. There is nothing more joyful than seeing the dogs run around and play with each other. Luckily I have a sympathetic land lady who really is as crazy as I am. She also likes animals more than anything else.

norra cypern hund

norra cypern hund

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