Nitovikla Garden Hotel in the village Kumyalı

Nitovikla hotel is located in the village Kumyalı which can be a bit tricky to find if you haven’t been there before. Unfortunately the road signs which guide tourists through the village have fallen off, but you can always ask someone on the road. Also see directions and map below.

The hotel is decorated in an authentic Cypriot style, the traditional Cypriot food is very tasty, and rooms are designed and decorated entirely in the spirit of Cyprus. There are only 7 rooms available so one should book early to guarantee a room. They have a great pool and also offer wine tasting from their own eco-grown grapes.

Nitovikla is a small, family-run hotel, with the owner living nearby in the area. They also offer mountain bikes for rent.

The village has a beautiful small fishing port where you can take a dip in the sea if preferred instead of the hotel pool.

Getting there, the easiest way to get there is if you take the main road, without turning into the village. You must pass the petrol station on your right if you come from the Famagusta direction. Up on the crest at a restaurant, turn down to the right and follow the village road, and down there on the right is the hotel on the hill.

Phone: 0392 375 59 80 // 0533 834 48 68


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