New water treatment plant

The inauguration of an important project, which includes the whole population in Cyprus, occurs in Haspolat, Nicosia today, Tuesday 8 April.

A special ceremony at Nicosia’s wastewater treatment plant will be attended by the mayors of Nicosia, Kadri Fellahoglu and Constantinos Yiorkadjis, Stefan Fule, the EU’s enlargement commissioner, Adam Oliver, Deputy Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and the plant supervisor Faik Ozyanik. A plaque will be presented at the ceremony and olive trees will be watered by treated water from the plant.

The new sewage plant’s budget of € 29 million was funded in part by the Sewerage Board of Nicosia (70%) and Europe (30%) as part of an aid program for the Turkish Cypriot community.water new

In 1980 the plant began operations in 2003, but it has created environmental problems. An initiative was taken later to begin work on a new, “state-of-the-art” facility in March 2010, which was tested in June last year.

The new facility, which will serve a population of 270,000 people from both communities and will treat 30,000 cubic meters of municipal wastewater daily, should meet the municipality’s needs for many years to come.

New technology at the plant employs the use of a membrane system, said to be the most advanced technology used in sewage treatment plants in the world, and allows the treated water meets EU standards.

A press statement explained that the construction of the new water treatment plant also serves as an important example of both the populations cooperation in Cyprus.

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