New president elect Mustafa Akinci 60.5% – All ballots now counted

The ballots closed at 1800 today for the second round of the presidential elections.

Dervis Eroglu and Mustafa Akinci went head to head in the second round. 176,980 registered voters and 693 ballot boxes. The person elected today will serve as President for the next 5 years.

The Supreme Electoral Council released the results and according to the ballots opened, Akinci is the victor with 60.50%. Eroglu has 39.50% so far. All the ballots have now been opened.

President of the Supreme Electoral Council Safak Oneri has announced Akinci as the new president of the TRNC Akinci is the 4th president of the TRNC since its establishment.

According to the results in the district:

Iskele: 84 ballot boxes

84 counted

Akinci: 49.76%

Eroglu: 50.24%

Nicosia: 213 ballots boxes

213 counted

Akinci: 66.14%

Eroglu: 33.86%

Famagusta: 178 ballot boxes

178 counted

Akinci: 56.87%

Eroglu: 43.13%

Kyrenia: 140 ballot boxes

140 counted

Akinci: 61.45%

Eroglu: 38.55%

Guzelyurt: 84 ballot boxes

84 counted

Akinci: 61.36%

Eroglu: 38.64%


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