New North Cypriot Turkish Airline

A new national airline in north Cyprus can be on the agenda as part of the plans to increase tourism in the country and lower the ticket prices. A leading politician campaigning for this development has already registered the name “Cyprus Turkish Airlines International Abroad”.


Tourism Executives says it requirairlineses proper planning to ensure that the same mistakes are not made as with Cyprus Turkish Airlines, which was founded in June 2010 by the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority, because of high debt the airline later went bankrupt. Democrat Party-National Forces Chairman Serdar Denktash, currently a senior member of the coalition, revealed to Cyprus Today: “We have already registered the name Cyprus Turkish Airlines International Abroad. We are very sensitive to this issue and we have put it as a priority in our manifesto. ”

“We are talking to investors and have talked with aviation officials that have informed us that we can start the airline with only three aircraft. We want to engage all sectors to ensure that the government is not using the airline as its own toy, which was the cause of the collapse of the CTA. “Buran Atakan, president of the union representing flight staff, welcomed the proposal, saying that Mr. Denktash has always shown great passion for that north Cyprus should have its own national airline.

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