New Cyprus APPs coming 2020!

The production of a mind-blowing application is about to take place in North Cyprus. New Cyprus Guide will have the application ready for download on the marketplace in 2020. This is made possible by the infallible IT expertise and professionalism of New Cyprus Magazine and New Cyprus Guide technical team.

The time has come to ‘up our performance’ to another level by transporting our profile picture of North Cyprus with the launch of our newest and exciting advancement to our marketing platform – presenting the first online media app for North Cyprus.

The future looks bigger and brighter for North Cyprus as the first Application for North Cyprus currently undergoes its final stages and soon to be available in English and Turkish on the global market. Time changes everything – mostly for the better – this time in the shape of an Application ready for download 2020. Soon you can discover North Cyprus through its first New Cyprus Guide App.

The #1 Lifestyle Magazine and the #1 North Cyprus Directory have worked hand in hand on a digital platform to promote greater marketing bridges to the world, expanding to the area of mobile application development.

New Cyprus team’s pledge is to: “Continue to be truthful, resolute and undeterred in pursuing journalism on the environment and promotion of this island to thrive”. Without the positive support of our invaluable readers this would not have been possible.

Working purely on the positive promotion of North Cyprus, our turning point came from the dynamics of future-thinking some six years ago. Through diligence and hard work we have promoted all kinds of diverse yet positive matters, as well as events, glorious pictorials and true-to-life stories about life in North Cyprus and the expat foreign society and the local cultures. All has been respectively and thoughtfully touched upon. Our challenges have brought us to today, whereby we are presented with the opportunity of continuing our ‘working project’ to pioneering a great result for North Cyprus with the first Online Application.

We wish to thank all the priceless efforts of our invaluable customers and for their amazing support. Thanks to the incredible skills and hard work of our IT experts from Sweden whom maintain and keep the platform alive and the hard work of a big group effort, which has made this historical benchmark possible.

May we also express our sheer gratitude towards our sturdy and faithful readers/followers, as well as companies and businesses whom have supported our cause and great efforts. Finally, our sincere thanks to the collaborative efforts of both Tourism and Health Ministries, which have made this dream goal for us and North Cyprus possible.

Meet the app that will transform North Cyprus – New Cyprus App.
We can definitely conclude that New Cyprus App is an app that aims to create a huge communication gain for North Cyprus. Covering new perspectives while boosting your knowledge. For more information about all its services and all features, please keep an eye out for our next express posting!

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