New bid for health tourism center

Scandinavian investors renew their attempts to establish a huge health tourism center in the Lefke area.
Development Managers has dismissed fears that the
system would threaten the future of Cengiz Topel Hospital Gemikonağı – on the contrary they say that it could lead to an upgrade of the facilities there. Cyprus Today reported, in November 2012, that Swedish and Norwegian contractors had gone to the “Cyprus Turkish Investment Department Agency” (Yaga) with an initial proposal of 60 million euros. But problems with the investment structure led to them not getting a green light for the center, which would be built on a site near Lefke dam.
The new trial comes after the formation of a consortium of local investors. New Yaga Director, Berkan Toker, said the system would be a huge boost for Lefke-Gemikonağı area, who have suffered for years from a lack of serious commitment.
“It provides for the construction of a health tourism center that would serve the people of a certain age group from Scandinavia, who want to enjoy a quiet and quality of life here,” he said. “We welcome it warmly.”
Mr. Toker added: “Health tourism is an investment model developed here in Northern Cyprus. It is a multi-dimensional investment that requires commitment from several relevant authorities. “That’s why we, along with all relevant parties, including the Prime Ministry, Labor and Social Security and the Ministry of Tourism, with caution calculates the consortium´s investment plan and possible ways to take it one step further.”
He said that no place has yet been earmarked for the project, which covers approximately 650 bungalows and a wellness center with fitness and rehabilitation facilities, but it is not an option that Cengiz Topel Hospital be torn down to make room for it. “Closing the hospital would be against the idea of this investment. “Since the purpose is a health tourism center, we can only think of upgrading the standards of Cengiz Topel Hospital to give a much better service,” he said, adding that the project would lead to many benefits, not just for Scandinavians, but also for the local people and business owners.
The local people, backed by Lefke Action platfrom, demonstrated on Thursday in protest against the possible plans for cuts in hospital capacity. “We are against the closure of the hospital or to convert it to an polyclinic. There is nothing wrong with its location. If the government wants to have a modern hospital, they can upgrade their standards, “said the Lefke mayor, Mehmet Zafer.


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