Never throw away avocado seeds again

The avocado seed makes up 70% of an avocado’s nutritional benefits – if you know how to eat it.

It may be the trendiest health food around at the moment, but are you throwing away the healthiest part of your avocado?

While many are quick to just ditch the seed, it actually contains more antioxidants than most fruit and vegetables.

It also has more soluble fibre than oats and most other foods, according to health experts. While avocados are known for its ‘good fats’ and being nutritional, some doctors say the make-up on an avocado seed can help lower cholesterol and helps fight off viral and bacterial diseases.

Avocado seed diagram

1- It is very effective in combating arthritis, as it’s an anti-inflammatory.

2- The avocado seed helps reduce inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Also useful for diarrhea, it can be used to make medicines for infections and stomach problems.

3- It is a good source of rejuvenation, according to recent studies, it was found that this increases the level of collagen, helping to make your skin firm and reduce wrinkles.

4- Strengthen your immune system and helping to prevent disease.

5- Very effective when it comes to burning fat, it also gives us is feeling full we need to lose weight.

6- Contains high levels of energy to help you keep energized all day.

7- The consumption of this seed can be eaten in salads, make tea, smoothies or shakes.

8- Avocado seed prevents the growth of tumors thanks to it having a flayonol content.

So how exactly do you consume all of this ‘good fat’ goodness?

The most common way to eat an avocado seed is in a smoothie. But before you bite into the seed and crack a tooth, you should cut it into quarters using a knife and pop it in the blender so it becomes a powder before adding to your smoothie. Or you can dry out the seed, grate it and then add to sauces or as a seasoning over food – similar to salt and pepper.

The taste is supposed to be quite strong so mixing with strong flavours like frozen berries, kale, spinach or pineapple is a good idea.

Avocado seeds


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