NEUIslanders come 11th in Robocop World Cup Football 2015

Near East University Robotic Football Team, ‘NEUIslanders’, came 11th in the Robocup World Cup 2015 organised in Hefei City in the Republic of China by FIFA, on 17-23 July 2015.

Among 4000 universities, robotic football teams of 18 universities were selected to participate in the tournament and it was pointed out that NEUIslanders was the only Turkish team.

According to the press info release issued by the Press and Public Relations of Near East University, NEUIslanders was stated to be the youngest robotic football team in the tournament, with only 4 years of experience since the day it was founded. It has succeeded to pass the pre-elections to participate in the Robocup World Football Championships.

Carnegie Melon University became the Champions in the finals.

Making a statement, Head of Innovation Centre of Near East University, Ahmet Çağman, said that they were very proud to be the only Turkish university to compete in the tournament. Furthermore, he said that they were honoured to have achieved 11th place as they were the youngest participating team and that this had actually motivated them to work harder to better represent the country by achieving a better result.

Moreover, he expressed that they were making the necessary connections to hold the Robocup World Robotic Football Championship in Cyprus and that the next Championship was to be held in Germany. Ahmet Çağman ended his words by stating that as a result of connections to be made in Germany, there might be a chance to hold Robocup 2017 on the island.


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